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A Lovely Day In The Charming Village


Despite the small size, Sade Village can accommodate any tourists who come to the site. It is because the villagers retain their cultural heritage so that they live in a traditional way. No wonder, their clothes, and equipment are still outdated. Even their houses look so simple and do not apply any advanced materials! Despite the primitive way of living, the locals own beautiful cultures like dances, traditions, and local culinary. Another important fact is that their settlement resides on the roadside. That means tourists can easily notice it during the trip.

So, what can tourists enjoy in Sade Village? It is without a doubt. The prime attraction is the daily activities of the locals. At least, 150 traditional houses are seen on the site. According to the expert, 700 or more people are living there. The fact is that they are related to each other due to the local marriage policy that allows someone to marry his or her relative. For them, such kind of marriage is way much cheaper and simpler as they do not need to spend lots of money and buy buffalos.

The houses become the next attraction for tourists to enjoy in Sade Village. They call such traditional house “Lumbung Pare”. The shape is similar to a mosque, but it features the parts of a regular house. The houses also represent the characteristics of Sasak Tribe, which is the humbleness and simplicity. The fence is made of bamboo and the poles are made of woods. When it comes to the roof, the locals only apply dry leaves and fibers. Once tourists get in the house, they might feel the comfort. It feels warm at night and feels comfortable at noon!

The next thing people can enjoy in Sade Village is to witness traditional attractions of Lombok. Like, a beautiful dance is often performed called Cupak Gerantang. As an alternative, tourists can enjoy Presean Dance too. The locals even own a traditional musical instrument called Gendang Beleq! What is more? Some villagers (especially women) are good in making woven fabric called Songket. It would be a beautiful souvenir for tourists, for sure.



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