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The View of Strangely Beautiful Mountain Temples


Dieng Kulon Tourism Village is an extraordinarily exotic village of Dieng Plateau. Situated about 2,000 – 2,500 meters above the sea, the village attracts visitors from all around the world with its exceptional fresh air, captivating landscapes, natural environment, and exotic culture.

Also known as Banjarnegara’s Tourism Village, Dieng Kulon is where all arts and handicrafts around Wonosobo’s shopping centers & galleries are crafted.

The origin of the name Dieng is still debatable. Some claim it comes from two Sanskrit words – Di (a mountain or a high place), and Hyang (heaven); if combined, it translates to “a mountain where gods and goddesses reside”. Some believe that Dieng comes from an ancient language before Kawi, or from an old Sundanese; Di and Hyang, which means the House of Lords. Other sources say it comes from Javanese words; Adi and Aeng, which means strangely beautiful.

Kulon is a Javanese word for west, because the valley of Dieng Plateau contains two villages on the east and west, Dieng Wetan (east) Village and Dieng Kulon (west) Village.

Around the village, there are a lot of homestays that befits all kinds of travelers. Some are located on mountain foots, overlooking the breathtaking beauty of Dieng, some come with modest prices, and others accommodate luxurious lifestyle. One of the homestays was actually a contender for the 2017 ASEAN’s best homestays.



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