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A Wisdom At The Foot of One of The World’s Most Peculiar Crater


The number of tourists who visit the mount ijen nature tourism park makes the tourism sector around the area increased intensely. Some villagers around the Ijen Mountain are already well trained to sell their village potentials, including the tamansari village in the licin district, banyuwangi. This village has become a prime example of excellent tourism village around ijen.

The Tamansari Village is a village that has earned the “Best Tourism Village Utilization” title in the category of business networking. This is because Tamansari is considered to have commercially pioneered the potential development of village tourism. The village-owned enterprises have developed a number of their business from just mere potentials, like its honey farming business, tour vehicles, guide services, and several other SMEs.

As a plantation area, the Tamansari Village is known as a highly potential producer because of its products such as rubber, cloves, coffee beans, and chocolates. Not to mention that a number of dairy farmers around the area are expertly trained by big companies to produce high-quality milk products, creating another nickname for Tamansari Village; the village of milk.



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