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Bekudo Bono at Meranti Bay


Waves can be seen in the sea and beaches. Well, that’s true. However, there is a unique phenomenon called Bono. This formation of waves happens in a river! According to the experts, only two places on which such anomaly could happen. The first one is in the famous Amazon River while the other is in Kampar River, Teluk Meranti Village. For many tourists, Bono Waves become a new attraction they must experience someday. In this case, they can simply visit Pelalawan District and head to Kampar to witness such amazing waves.

In general, any rivers can only produce small ripples. However, Kampar River often produces more than those and some of them can reach up to the height of 5 meters! In the past, Bono Waves are considered terrifying. It is because there wasn’t clear scientific explanation related to such phenomenon back then. No wonder, some people consider it dangerous and mystical. As the time goes by, the locals start recognizing its potential. Today, in fact, tourists come to the river to either witness the waves or ride it! That means some visitors decide to take advantage of such nature phenomenon to do surfing.

Visitors have distinct reasons in visiting Kampar River. Some of them want to know the cause of Bono Waves, in fact. According to the locals and some experts, the waves are formed when the high tide of the sea encounters the streamflow of the river. That means Bono Waves don’t happen anytime. Due to the reason, tourists must conduct a bit review regarding the schedule of such nature event before visiting Teluk Meranti Village. Usually, it happens in the middle of the month during the full moon.

Some tour agents might give a recommendation about the best time to visit the site, which is between August and December. For lucky tourists, they even can witness the greatest waves called Seven Ghosts. As the name suggests, there are 7 layers of waves, which are considered both scary and grandiose! Another important fact is that those waves can last up to 2 hours. This phenomenon is definitely attractive. That means tourists should take their chance to capture them with their camera.

Not to mention some foreigners often come to the site to take a challenge, surfing on those waves! They want to feel the sensation in riding Bono and compare the experience to sea surfing. For inexperienced visitors, it is better not to try such risky activity. As an alternative, they can simply watch those pro surfers do their thing.



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